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I believe the best thing we are capable of as human beings is to love.
I don't think we are inherently good or evil. If you want to see an ultimate example of either, go look in the mirror. Its up to you. All of it.

Jul. 20th, 2012

Hey lovely people,

If you or anyone you know has had spinal decompression and fusion surgery I would really love to hear about it. It would help me a great deal to talk to people who have been through this. Thanks!

Classic Movie Review Time

I watched George Cukor's The Women last night. Wow. Just. Wow. I mean - its enjoyable in a whole lot of ways but its also inadvertently a period piece. There are multiple cringe-worthy moments from the get go. Even the initial credits, which compare each of the main characters to animals (cows, sheep, cats), are cringe-worthy. One of my other difficulties with old classic movies surfaced almost immediately, too - and that's the prevalence of black servants. I never feel that way when I watch period pieces from other eras where the servants are white. I suspect this is because I'm an American and we are just so fucked up about race. I always have that moment looking at an actor playing a maid or a porter and think what their lives are like during that time period and that they are still having to use separate entrances and drinking fountains and all of that other much.

Some other moments that really stuck out? One of the supporting characters making a joke about Butterfly McQueen not being visible in the dark (yikes!). One of the women commenting (favorably) on a man's physique, "He could crack walnuts with those knees if they ever came together." It sounds so salacious!. Someone describing her sleeping posture as "Spread out in bed like a swastika."

There's a wonderfully weird fashion show in the middle (that's in color). Did people really go to these and then order clothes off of walking models? AMAZEBALLS. There's also a sequence where the main character is getting ready to go to bed, so she puts on a fur coat. Bedtime! Where are my furs? (?)

There's a lot of wonderful snappy dialogue. Joan Crawford is deliciously wicked. Norma Shearer is a total doormat. Rosalind Russell (who I am most familiar with from Gypsy) is gorgeous and catty as heck. Hedda Hopper gets to play Hedda Hopper. Its worth watching and fun but its also super cringey on any number of levels (feminism apparently having not been invented yet). Despite my love of Cukor (I mean, come on - Philadelphia Story!), this one doesn't go on my rewatch list.
Holiday season got you down? Stressed out from work? School? Random Stupidity? THIS IS THE CURE FOR WHAT AILS YOU! A mere $10 before 9:30 a trifling $15 after. If you've been wondering where your sense of wonder went - I assure you, you can find it at the DNA this Friday night. A cavalcade of fantastic music (Meshuggah Beach Party!), beautiful women and men, near-nakedness, terrically talented artistes, awesome masters of ceremonies, at least one gorilla and ONE HELL OF A GOOD TIME.


Its likely to rain and if attendance is low this could mean the end of a truly wonderful thing. I don't believe in Santa Claus anymore but I do believe in this show. Get your adorable butt out to the DNA tomorrow night and keep hope alive, people. I am way too flat busted to buy you a drink but I will most definitely hug you something fierce. There could even be singing with a definite chance of merriment.

What are you doing here?

I'm curious about this - particularly in light of the great facebook migration (as well as other people setting up dreamwidth accounts, etc.). I came to livejournal from a mailing list that was sort of a secret club/ongoing weird ass conversation/group of people. That mailing list died because everyone migrated over to livejournal. I think this solidly influenced how I use this journal - its become the mutant offspring of that mailing list and my ink journal. Sometimes confessional, sometimes social and sometimes both. Over the years its become a way to keep in touch with people that have moved away from my immediate social circle as well as to develop friendships/interactions with people I have yet to meet in real life. Writing here has most definitely helped me work through the past few bumpy years. Commenting on other's has helped me continue to unravel and re-knit my emotional reactions. Its also entertaining as hell.

What are you using livejournal for? Why are you here? What is your livejournal? Is there anything else you have to say on the subject? I'd love to hear it.


Another One of My Heroes is Gone

Those of you that grew up in the Bay Area, Marin particularly, will understand.

I can't tell you how wonderful this woman was - I really can't.


I owe much of my love of nature to her. I have vivid memories of standing in one of her circles making the hourglass symbol with my hands to mimic black widow spiders, repeating rhymes to remind us of what poison oak looked like. I can still hear her voice in my head calling out, "Something special!" so that we'd know to crowd around her and inspect whatever it was she had found (bird bones, pill bugs, you name it). Years and years later I would run into someone else who had grown up in Marin and if Mrs. T's name came to mind our faces would light up in instant recognition.

The world is a smaller place without her and, as I told my Mom this morning, all of us who remember her have a lot of work to do to carry on her mission.

I'll be making a short pilgrimage to Crown Beach tonight to say thanks for her being here. And I'll be remembering to pick up trash.

Somebody wake up Hicks

Stuff I have done today

Walked to Jack London Square to buy train ticket

Missed bus to work because I had to double back to get the St. Elmo's rum

Had a combination of Universal Radio and Istanbul stuck in my head all day

Told an attorney I will kill him if he asks me about that case in Monterey one more time

Had an e-mail exchange with my brother composed almost entirely of Aliens dialogue and references to obscure shit

Ordered dress to wear to wedding

Now I am mostly watching the clock, waiting to leave, trying not to obsess about stuff I'm not supposed to obsess about because its like picking a scab on a new wound.

(no podle, that’s a bad podle)

Sometimes I don't speak.....right......

Friday at last.
Good lord do I hate my job right now.
Where has the rum gone?
I can't believe I quit smoking.
No matter what I do I weigh exactly the same.
Thirteen days until I go to Chicago.
Dreams are *weird*. Deeply deeply weird.
Had a very nostalgic walk past the old dojo last night on the way to Forbidden Island.
Have odd urge to give everyone I like presents but lack the organizational faculties to do so.

Seriously, I got up this morning and felt kind of sniffly. I was brushing my teeth and I spit into the sink and thought - well, that's what I get for smoking, no wonder I'm all phlegmy. And then I remembered I don't smoke, so I don't have to feel guilty. How the hell did that happen? I don't smoke. I am an ex-smoker. Huh.

I'm tired but also looking forward to Friday night attempts to Lindy, attendant socializing, going to see the Ruby Bennett Trio at Julie's tomorrow night, house hunting (mostly for training and entertainment purposes), bike hunting, and mother's day festivities.

That is all.


One of my very favorite authors in the known universe is coming out with a new book this June. Its like a birthday present specially for me!!!
Thank you, Kage Baker, wherever you are!
(Also, the cover is gorgeous and done by Mike Drindenburg, who is amazing and whose name I am most likely spelling incorrectly - sorry, sir.)


May. 9th, 2006

Despite my love and gratitude regarding the Frankenbike I am actually thinking of purchasing a bicycle. As in, a brand new, not ridden by anybody else before just for podle bicycle. I am also considering riding to work. Just considering, so far.
Any suggestions, comments, advice, would be helpful.




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